maandag 16 juli 2012


This is the first time in my long blog "career" that I want to express my unhappiness regarding the violation of  my terms of use.
I ask really friendly to notice only TWO rules.
1) You may not use my freebies in any other branches - business or selfmade products to sell !
2) You may not publish them FULL SIZED on your own website/blog !
I scan images for you,
I cut out images for you,
I design free collage sheets for you.
And YOU may....ENJOY and alter them whatever you like and I really hope you create some amazing designs using these images !!

BUT !!!!!
To discover that 36 !!! collage sheets are shamelessly copied to users
is a disgrace and shows NO respect !!!
OF COURSE i'm aware of the fact that once publishing images on the internet, you loose ALL control but come on !! 36 collage sheets !!  
That's corrupt !!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. isn't this a violation of your copyright?
    this is just awful!!

  2. @ Ann.
    Yes it is my dear. But what can I do ?
    It is a ridiculous and stupid action.
    Absurd and disrespectful indeed.

  3. I am so sorry these things happen! I can't believe that people in the art line of work can be so disrespectful!
    So, so, sorry!

  4. It is unfortunate that we live in a world where common respect has been replaced with entitlement. The thief is NOT entitled but I'm quite sure they feel as though they are. Sorry this is happening to you and please know that the majority of us do respect you, your blog, your time and your generosity.
    One more thought, my belief is that what comes around goes around. They will get what their due in the end.
    Keep the faith Moi Freubel and have an awesome day!!!
    Lisa xx

  5. What a shame your generosity is being abused in this way, I am so sorry.

  6. oh that stinks..after you're doing so much for digi world( and even if you didn't they have no right to)
    I do feel outraged on your behalf. bend your head in shame

  7. So sorry to hear this! I love your images and all that you do so generously!